Both of Prada handbags and Chloe handbags are my favorite handbags. In many times, I can’t decide which of them should be my next choice. I have made some researches on both of them, and tried to help me in decision. Before I announce my final choice, I would like to share the outcomes on my research on Prada handbag and Chloe handbag.


Chloe handbag was made mainly by lambskin. This kind of leather is loose and soft and has very good touch feeling. But prada handbag is the king on using lambskin. Prada handbag is thinner, softer and looser. Especially, Prada can sustain its advantages on leather. Compare with Prada, Chloe let me down. The leather on Chloe handbag is becoming worse. Sometimes, I found bad smell on the leather of Chloe handbags. I think they had troubles on producing high quality leather. Hope they can change in the future or I may turn to others.


The famous design of lambskin on Chloe handbags are Paddington series. The big cooper lock makes the bag stunning and legible. Chloe found the popularity of the lock design and started to use such design in subsequent handbags. Now, it is almost a symbol of Chloe handbag.
Comparing with Chloe bag, Prada mainly focus on restrained design. This is brilliant and wise. In the colorful world, the simple black and the shinning metal parts attracted attentions. It is especially suitable for mature women with taste.

Now, you may know my choice. Yes! Black lambskin Prada shoulder bag.